We’re having a “Seduced by Sound” party

Come to our free day party to see eight of Austin’s best bands!

Date: Wednesday, 3/15

Where: The Townsend, 718 Congress

When: 2 – 5:30pm


2:00: Nathan Edge
2:20: Walker Lukens
2:45: Annabelle Chairlegs
3:20: Tee-Double (Terrany Johnson)

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Top 5 Austin clubs that musicians love

What is it about a club that makes a musician love to play there (other than actually getting the cash money)?

For musicians in “Seduced by Sound: Austin,” it’s respect, friendly people and good sound. And free beer. Definitely…

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Fans and Musicians Say Thank You to David Bowie

When David Bowie passed away in 2016, Austin took it hard. Our social media feeds were full of grief as well as thank yous to Bowie for his music. Local bands added “Heroes” to their sets. We even had a …

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6 Musicians and Bands Who Helped Shape the Sound of Austin

Neil Young
taught artistic restlessness. The Stones’ taught top-tier craftsmanship backed with the looseness of pure boogie. David Bowie taught theatricality.

For musicians, listening to legends is like being in school, and those lessons are often life changers.

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